How to set LiveMarket up on your WordPress site

If you are interested in setting up LiveMarket for your publication please get in touch! We can share what is working with you. If you can't help yourself you can dive in here:

  1. Head to LiveMarket and register here:
  2. Go to
  3. Add your publication and fill out the details (you can edit this info at any time)
  4. On your WordPress site: Install and activate the livemarket plugin
  5. Create a page for all your LiveMarket promos to be listed on (example name: Local LiveMarket Offers... something relevant to your audience). Add the LiveMarket shortcode to the page: [livemarket limit=50 show_signup=1 show_more=1] Consider adding this page to your menu. 
  6. Back to LiveMarket: Copy the API token from your LiveMarket dashboard into the LiveMarket section in your WordPress dashboard Select your LiveMarket page you just created. Edit the flyout messaging as needed (this will help you sign up free accounts).
  7. In your website dashboard: Go to Appearance/Widgets: add the LiveMarket widget to all the areas of your site you wish to display the LiveMarket promos. Homepage and article page sidebar are typical. Title each widget with your market name: "Local Offers" etc
  8. Post a few sample promotions (introduce Livemarket and then promote some of your advertiser friends): Head back to your LiveMarket dashboard home screen, under Total Promotions click on 'View.' Then click "Add New Promotion"
  9. Inserting the latest LiveMarket ad into the body of your articles: Download and activate Check off Posts (if IssueM check off Articles) Insert the following shortcode: [livemarket market_name="YourPublicationName LiveMarket" limit=1 category=“your-category” show_signup=0 show_more=0]. Set insertion after 2 paragraphs. Optional nice approach for the bottom of your content (which will display the latest 3 LiveMarket promotions): <div>
      <h3> YourPublicationName LiveMarket</h3>
      [livemarket limit=3 show_signup=1 show_more=1]
  10. Once you gain enough advertisers, you can create 2 or more LiveMarkets using categories (Example: Dining Deals, Local Offers, Real Estate, Religion, etc.). Go to your dashboard and click on your publication name in the sidebar. Add your categories here. Note advertisers will be required to choose 1 category for each promotion they post. After adding categories, go to to your LiveMarket widgets and choose which category you would like to output for that widget.

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