LiveMarket Print Promo Flyer or Postcard Layout

Looking for an easy way to promote your LiveMarket to Advertisers or new business leads?
Below is a link to a Flyer + Postcard design for LiveMarket that could be dropped off to Advertisers and Leads or mailed as a card.
It Prints 2x on a Letter Size page... just add your logo and information, duplicate 2 to a letter sized doc and print, then cut it in half for distribution.
This layout also works for various postcard sizes with a slight border around it. 4 x 6 / 5 x 7 etc
If you want to send us your print quality logos - we can drop your info in and send it back to you, ready to go.
Or you can download the PSD file below and add your logo and publication information in Photoshop:

Feel free to contact us below with any questions or modifications

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