How to auto-insert LiveMarket into your article content

How to insert one LiveMarket promotion into your content using shortcodes:

  1. Download and activate
  2. Create a New Post Advert
  3. Insert the following code: 
    [livemarket market_name="YourPublicationName LiveMarket" limit=1 category=“” show_signup=0 show_more=0]
  4. Choose after how many paragraphs you wish to display the LiveMarket promo (displaying after the content works well)
  5. Update and you are done. You should now see the latest LiveMarket promotion show up in your article content

How to insert multiple LiveMarket promotions into your article content

<h3> YourPublicationName LiveMarket</h3><br>
	   [livemarket limit=3 show_signup=1 show_more=1]<br>

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