What is a good “response” for a LiveMarket promotion?

Think of it as not how many, but how good, and how much does a good lead cost? 

LiveMarket is local (or focused on a target audience), so the majority of responses come from your market – people most likely to be interested in what you are offering. So, your “interested customers” may range from dozens to hundreds depending on how long your promotion runs and remains timely.

It is pretty well understood that it takes a number of  “touches” to bring a prospect to an action. That's why consistency and variety in advertising brings results. LiveMarket delivers two or three, or more “touches” starting high on the web page with a headline offer, taking the reader to the next level of “interested” and on to a potential third touch as a “motivated” reader.

We have found that a single LiveMarket promotion outperforms a similarly placed Banner ad and outperforms Facebook ads by 10x. Imagine what you can do if you scheduled out multiple promotions to test different headlines.

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