Boost your visibility to locals by 3000%

How your organization can get a jump on the secret that boosts your visibility to locals by 3000%

In today's digital world you would think there would be an fast and easy way to promote your organization to your local community? But digital banner ads and now even mighty Facebook just don't pull new customers in the door. 

Digital advertising today is not well

This might not be a big surprise but banner ads on websites never really worked for promotional based business. Display ads are ok for brand awareness... organizations that need their brand to be in the public eye and aren't dependent on clicks. Here's why:

  1. Display ad click rates across all formats are 0.05% which is very very very low
  2. Readers have Banner blindness when is a real condition that has trained the brain to ignore banner ads
  3. Ad blockers: over 30% of readers use ad blockers, and browsers are now building them in by default. This number is increasing
  4. Mobile reading is now over 80% on average so banner ads get even less visibility
  5. Display ads take too long to design and deploy for promotion driven businesses. You need your promotion up yesterday

So let's forget about time consuming banner ads that get ignored. Social to the rescue! Well... no, not anymore.

Facebook results

Let's look at a real business with real results: Tangle's Hair Salon is located in upstate NY and promotes their business using Facebook pages. Here are their numbers:

  1. Tangle's has about 500 Facebook fans
  2. Facebook's reach today is less than 3%. Reach is what % of posts actually show up in your fan's Facebook feed. That means for every 100 fans you have, your post will show up in your fan's news feed less than 3 times. Facebook has recently stated that they are a friends & family connecter 1st and news and business connector second.
  3. What does this mean for Tangle's? On average, each Facebook post they make shows up in the feeds of 15 fans (3% x 500)... that's just showing up in the feed. Fans may still never see the post since there are so many recipes, friend vacations, and cat videos on Facebook today.
  4. Let's be generous and assume 10% of Tangle's fans actually engaged (reaction, comment, or share) with one of their new promotions or announcements. That means, on average, with 15 news feed appearances 1.5 engagements (15 x 10%) are made with an average promo. Ouch. Might as well call up and talk to 2 customers...

A better way... that reaches 3000% more locals

Tangle's, this year, signed up for a new digital marketplace (called LiveMarket) on their local news site: With LiveMarket they can post promotions on this high traffic news site instantly and as often as they need. Here's what it looks like:

If you click on the Tangle's promotion it brings up this promotion page they created. All they did was come up with a title and drag a photo of a new haircut onto the page:

LiveMarket performance

Let's look at the last 3 promotions that Tangle's posted: They received 55, 96, and 56 promotion page views... that is new locals that actually clicked to their promotion pages. As an advertiser on LiveMarket, Tangle's gets to see how many times their promotions were actually clicked on and viewed:

Let's take a little closer look... if we assume 1.5 fans engaged with each 15 fan views... thats 1.5 engagements on average vs 50 promotion page views in LiveMarket (on the lowest end). 50/1.5 = a 30x (or 3000%) better visibility improvement. Most importantly, is a local news site with 10's of thousands of views each month from local residents who are not part of Tangle's fan base... so these are new potential customers that might not know about Tangle's.

Amazing right?

Imagine how many locals Tangle's would reach if they posted 1 promotion every week or even  every day... instead of just once a month? With LiveMarket they can do just that... and so can your business.

What are you waiting or?  Sign up today and reach customers now.

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